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SSN Search FAQ

Q: What information is provided in an SSN search and what is the source of the information?

When you order an SSN search, we review the headers at the three major credit bureaus for information. This information usually includes all names that have been associated with the SSN for credit purposes– meaning maiden names, aliases, and other forms of the person's name. Also included are former and current addresses used for credit purposes and the dates those residences were used.

Q: What does "first date seen" and "last date seen" mean?

These are the first and last dates that were reported to the credit bureaus by creditors as the person's current address. The dates do not necessarily reflect the actual dates the person lived at that address, as some people may not have reported to their creditors that they moved. This results in the old address still being reported to the credit bureaus by the banks or other sources of credit.

Q: What does a "security violation" result mean?

In order to receive results from the credit bureaus, the first or last name you enter as search details on our website must be associated with that SSN in the credit bureaus records. If it is not, the result leads to a "security violation" result. The credit bureaus will not allow customers to "phish" for people's social security numbers and consider non matching names and SSNs as a security breach so no information is reported. Please note that we do not refund your payment if you receive a "security violation" result.

Q: Is the most current address listed the person's actual current address?

Not always. The most current address listed will be the most current address reported by a creditor as the person's current address. Sometimes people move and do not update their address with their creditors so the old address continues to be reported.

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