Turning Point Data


How to Dispute a Criminal Record:

Our criminal record information is obtained from public records. The public record source of any criminal record we return is listed in our report.

If you believe that one of our public record sources is providing incorrect information, you should contact that particular criminal record source to have the record corrected. We cannot change a public record on your behalf.

If you believe that our report states the information that is in your public record incorrectly or includes information that is not a public record, you can have us reinvestigate that information. To do so, please fill out our Dispute form and return it to us by email, mail, or fax. Our contact information is listed on the Dispute form.

Please note that we do not make any decisions about you based on the information in our reports. For instance: we do not make employee hiring decisions, tenant leasing decisions, etc. If you disagree with someone’s decision that is based on our report, you will need to contact that person.


If you obtained an expungement of a criminal record, we recommend that you visit the Foundation for Continuing Justice. The Foundation offers a free service to people who have obtained an expungement of their criminal record or had their criminal record sealed, set aside, or otherwise modified by the court.

Once the change in your criminal record has been authenticated, the information is entered into a Clearinghouse Database and criminal background check companies are notified that an update is available. This process will effectively update or remove the record from over 500 sources of private sector background checks.

Using the Foundation for this process reduces the time it takes background check companies to update their records and also reduces the chances that a cleared criminal record will be inaccurately reported. Contacting the Foundation does not affect your right to also contact us directly.