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Our Products

Turning Point Data has four types of criminal checks - enhanced national criminal check, national criminal check, enhanced state criminal check and state criminal check. Our criminal checks are FCRA compliant for employment screening and tenant screening, including a consumer dispute mechanism.

Enhanced National Criminal Check (with alias search): For our enhanced national criminal checks, we first perform an alias search by taking the name and social security number you enter and gather all the names/aliases from at the three major credit bureaus that have used the social security number for credit purposes. We then run a national criminal search (see description below) on each name that is returned from the alias search. This is great for checking married names as well as maiden names.

National Criminal Check: The national criminal check is out most popular check. The check includes searches of Administrative Office of Courts, Departments of Correction, Departments of Public Safety, county courts, sex offender registries from all fifty states (as well as Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico), The Federal Office of Foreign Asset Control/Terrorist Database (OFAC), FBI Most Wanted, US Marshals, DEA, ATF, US Secret Service and America's Most Wanted and many other criminal record sources. For a complete listing of criminal records searched in the national criminal check, please click here.

Enhanced State Criminal Check (with alias search): Our enhanced state criminal checks are the same as the enhanced national search described above except you select a state of your choice for screening rather than a paying for a national search with the larger number of criminal records searched.

State Criminal Check: Again the state criminal check allows you to check a state of your choice rather than pay for a national criminal check of all fifty states. For a complete listing of criminal records searched by state, please click here.